BBC Launches new iPlayer Beta

The BBC has launched a new beta version of its popular catch up TV system, the iPlayer. The new version of the site introduces a load of new social networking features to the site.

Once users register for a new BBC iD, this is to allow identification on the service. They will be able to able to tie this account to various social networking services, including Facebook and Twitter.

Once tied, users will be able to click a button and notify all their followers that they are watching a show. This will give those users chance to click and gain instant access to the same show.

The addition of a login to access the service, will allow the BBC to bring more new features for example customisation of what you see when you login. This will allow them to tailor the view to be more useful for you.

The new iPlayer platform is only available for users in the UK and can be accessed from

Have you tried it yet? Like all the new features?