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BBC Shows off at the Olympics – Super Hi-Vision Footage

While loads of people will have screens that are 1080p, they won’t be watching footage at that quality, 720p for most. The next step in screen technology appears to be 4k, 4 times HD, something that very few people will be able to enjoy currently. Meanwhile, the BBC have decided to show off… producing footage at Super Hi Vision. Thats a 33 megapixel image and at 60 frames per second, a whoping 500Mbps data rate.

The BBC and broadcaster NHK got together the only Super Hi-Vision equipment in the world, to set up a special broadcast to show the technology off, setting up a theatre inside of broadcasting house to show off the viewing experience, including 22.1 surround sound.

Nice, but talk about overkill for the average user! More users seem to be interested in content on the go, on mobile devices – theres no chance of a mobile being that sort of quality in the close future.