Freeview Retune Day – Any Problems?

At midday today (or there about) the update of Freeview took place, shifting a few of the channels between multiplexes and also to add a new channel from Discovery, Quest started broadcasting at midday today. To continue to receive the channels, everyone with a Freeview receiver needed to retune their box / tv / capture device.

If channels appear to be missing, try a full channel rescan to see if they re-appear and / or start working again. However, for some, this upgrade may cause the lose of ITV3/4 for some users and certain models by Daewoo, Labgear, Triax and Bush could possibly stop working entirely. A full list of problematic hardware can be found at the BBC,

This upgrade is to pave the way for trails of Freeview HD later in the year.

Did you have any problems with the retune? Anything exciting to report?