IPTV (Project Canvas) given the green light

The BBC has been given the green light to start development on an internet based TV platform, along with other providers including ITV, Channel 4, Five, BT and Talktalk. Project Canvas is this platform, and is a partnership between all the above groups to bring a uniform standard to internet based television.

A uniform system would allow a range of internet tv set top boxes, or compatible televisions to display media from iPlayer, ITVPlayer and other similar systems without the need for custom work for each individual system.

As yet, Sky has not shown any interest in joining in the platform, but it has its own competing systems in its Sky boxes and SkyPlayer system where as all the other broadcasters show free to air content.

Once the platform is finalised, it will allow set top boxes and televisions to be made that will be compatible with the system. This needs to happen well in advance of any launch date.