The internet licence Fee

Do you use the BBC’s iPlayer on your PC? Do you have a TV Licence at home? For those who don’t have an actual TV, but do watch the TV via the iPlayer you currently don’t have to pay the TV Licensing Fee. However this could be changed as soon as next year if ministers plans go ahead.

The plans follow growing evidence that more viewers are watching TV online than ever before, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and others are becoming more popular than normal TV due to the convenience they give their users.

The BBC’s technology chief recently commented on web viewers currently getting a ‘free ride’ with the ability to watch the BBC’s services without paying the licensing fee. As an example, approximately 40% of students would rather use their laptop / computer to watch rather than an actual TV set. Due to this, changes in the way the BBC receives its funding are needed.

Nothing is certain yet, but discussions with the BBC Trust will happen later this year and could be brought into effect as soon as next year. The BBC has already started reducing its spending, this combined with changes in the licence fee could reduce the cost to each household.