Ultra HD Steals the CES Show

Even before CES kicked off this weekend, we all knew Ultra HD (or 4K) TV’s would be a large feature. While some manufacturer had brought along samples of their Ultra HD Television sets to show off, most manufacturers have at least stated their interest in the platform and the future plans for themselves.

Toshiba Ultra HD TV

The TV however isn’t the only piece in the puzzle, its all well and good having a display that can show high resolutions (Ultra HD is 3840 × 2160) over the current standard of 1080p (1920 x 1080), but where do we as users get the content from? At the moment… we can’t. In the UK we can’t even get 1080p broadcast, currently most broadcast tv is done at 720p and upscaled. Bluray disks allow us to see 1080p content. Current devices will also need an upgrade to be able to work with and display the Ultra HD content. The next generation of consoles might be the starting point for more mainstream Ultra HD availability.