All 4 – Channel 4’s new service

8 years ago, Channel 4 brought us 4oD, Channel 4 content, available on demand. Since then it has changed and evolved dramatically. Back in May, Channel 4 CEO David Abraham teased a significant upgrade to the service. Today we find out more.

  • 4 on Demand, or 4oD as it has been known since launch will be renamed to the simpler All 4, showing us it is more than just Channel 4.
  • It will bring us live streaming, a feature the BBC’s iPlayer service has had for quite a while.
  • Along with the name and new features, comes a new interface as shown above, the new interface will be very visual, with big thumbnails appearing throughout.
  • The All 4 experience will also be tailored to you if you have an account, meaning you will get to see things relevant to you and your viewing habits.

Unfortunately, we have a bit of a wait, this new service is not due to be available until at least March 2015, some devices and platforms taking longer than others.