BBC gets Freeview HD DRM Go Ahead

Ofcm have given the go ahead for the implementation of DRM on the Freeview HD service. Rather than broadcast with full encryption, the go ahead has been given to encrypt the EPG (the Electronic Programme Guide), this means that DVB-T2 (HD) TV tuners for computers and other devices will still be able to recieve the content, but the timing and listing will have to be accessed via another means.

Devices that wish to access the EPG must obide by the content protection rules enforced, this will restrict the recording of certain content or the transferal to other devices from the recorder.

This change shouldn’t effect any Freeview HD kit that is already on the market, they should have the required features already so when the switch is flicked they should still work.

This protection system shouldn’t get in the way of most viewers and is unlikely to stop major privacy, however content providers like the idea that its their to protect their content.