BBC unveils new vision for iPlayer

The BBC is to offer 30-day catch-up TV and more exclusive online shows as part of its new vision for iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer

The new iPlayer will become the BBC’s primary digital entertainment destination, with a greater range of content and new ways of watching BBC TV shows to allow customers to watch what they want, when they want, and on a device that suits them.

Future plans include pop-up channels around specific events or festivals such as Glastonbury, online channels such as Radio 1 TV, Arts or Science, and the ability for customers to create their own evening schedule – with access to more content before it is broadcast on TV.  Programmes will also be made available for 30 days, a welcome increase from the current 7 day catch-up window.

BBC Director-General, Tony Hall, says:  “The new generation of BBC iPlayer is set to transform our relationship with audiences.  In the coming years, for many people BBC iPlayer is going to be the front door to our programming and the experience they have is going to be a world away from that of a traditional ‘one to many’ broadcaster.

“It will be a relationship where we provide our audiences with what they want, when and how they want it.  And crucially through enhanced interactivity, they will also be able to tell us what they think of these programmes and services too.  That conversation excites me hugely as it means our audiences won’t just receive the programmes we make, they will contribute to how we make them as well.”