Freeview Retuning Campaign

While it doesn’t sound very exciting, Freeview are to launch a ‘Retuning Campaign’ to try and get users into the habit of retuning or rescanning their set top boxes or TV’s regularly.

On Freeview, users need to request their TV does a rescan to pic up new channels that are added, or when channels move about. Unlike Sky or Cable, where these changes are sent to the boxes automatically, with the larger range of set top boxes or Freeview receiving equipment this cannot be done so they user needs to do it themselves.

While the retune doesn’t need to happen right away, there will be changes made during September to improve the performance and signal quality of the various Freeview channels, also users will need to be aware that they will have to retune during the digital switchover which is now underway. The next area later this year is that using Winterhill, this will be changed over during October.

It is a simple procedure to complete, but anyone needing any help retuning their box can get support on the Freeview website at