Sony TV Scrappage Scheme

In a move that mirrors that the government made to help the ailing car industry, today Sony have announced a scrappage scheme of their own.

If you return an old television when you purchase a brand new Sony one, they will give you up to £150 off the price. Sony has said that customers who take advantage of its scheme will get £50 off small Bravia screens, £100 off a 40+ inch screens and £150 off any of its larger screens.

Not only are they doing this to try and reduce the carbon footprint generated by older, more power hungry sets, they are also targeting people who haven’t yet upgraded to a digital ready television.

With the digital switchover for most areas looming, if you haven’t upgraded now could be a good time to do so. With this scheme, it also answers the question of ‘What to do with your old television?’, will more manufacturers follow suit?