ITV in talks to bring catch up app to many platforms

ITV is in talks with Apple, Blackberry and Google to bring a catch up TV app to the various platforms. Currently BBC and Channel 4 both offer on demand services on the mobile devices but via a web page rather than an actual application.

Additionally, they are in discussions with Sony about bringing the on demand content to the Playstation 3. Currently the BBC’s iPlayer is available on both the Playstation and the Wii. Sky is available via the Xbox 360.

They hope to bring these services online shortly, the first of the apps for the iphone to be added tomorrow. These will allow viewers to watch catch up TV for up to 30 days after it has been broadcast via their mobile device.

The aim is September for the Playstation but the service won’t be available on the Wii or Xbox 360. The Xbox would require payment for content and the Wii doesn’t allow advertising supported content.