Millions of Brits missing out on HDTV

After surveying nearly 10,000 people, the BVA ( British Video Association) found out that a many people don’t realise quite what is needed to actually watch High Def TV.

It found that a lot of people have spent hundreds of pounds on HD capable sets, but then actually have no way to recieve or playback any HD content. There are many ways to watch high definition broadcasts, currently Freeview are trialing it but this will require an alternative set top box rather than the often built in tuner. Also Sky and Virgin Media both offer a HD subscription service. Equally, owners of a PS3 or Xbox 360 can play or download full HD content.

However, even with the ability to play the content in HD, the devices need to be connected up using certain cables, this isn’t always clear in the documentation that comes with the various devices.

Are you fully high def enabled?