Playstation to get 4od?

The rumour mill has been churning that Channel 4 are currently in discussions with Sony about the possiblility of bringing 4oD to the Playstation 3. If the move goes ahead Channel 4 will be the first commercial station to have a presence on the Sony Platform.

4oD is not afriad of being first, they were the first to bring full length programmes to Youtube in addition to already having their 4oD service, and programmes accessible via other platforms including Virgin Media’s on demand system.

The move would give Sony an advantage when it came to positioning the Playstation 3 at the centre of a home media system, having already got the BBC’s iPlayer, this would give it another streaming system.

Currently the Xbox 360 has the ability to play content from Sky Player (via Xbox live gold and a Sky subscription). Both the Wii and Playstation 3 have the BBC’s iPlayer, but as yet, no console has ITV Player, 4oD or Five on demand.