Tiscali TV becomes TalkTalk TV

With the acquisition of Tiscali by the Carphone Warehouse, they have started the process of rebranding their products. This includes dropping the Tiscali name.

From today, all Tiscali products have been merged under the TalkTalk brand, this will see Tiscali as a name disappear from the UK. Existing customers will not notice any major changes beyond the name, but will be shifted onto the TalkTalk network to save money by merging resources.

As part of the merge, current Tiscali customers will have their packages and tarrifs modified to fit in line with TalkTalk’s current package offerings, however they will not lose services.

This will add the ability for TalkTalk to sell TV services using the IPTV infrastructure put in place by Tiscali. Tiscali bought this service during 2006 from Video Networks.

In the ever changing world of broadband internet, being able to offer a triple, or quadruple play service seems to be becoming more of the norm now. With the perchase of Tiscali, TalkTalk is closer to being able to offer all services now.