The Red Button, now online!

Since the start of digital tv, and the availability of more than just the standard channels, the BBC has been running a red button interactive service. This service started with Wimbledon in 1999, allowing the user to select to watch a different court, see the scores or play along with a quiz.

Since then, the red button service has gone from strength to strength, however, its not been available before now via none TV based means of watching. Pressing Red on your TV Remote has enabled you, the viewer to access information at the touch of a button. However, the red button as it is has always had its limitations because it runs over broadcast technology. (The rather limited airwaves)

Enter the internet, using the internet, the BBC are able to take the technology used to deliver iPlayer to your mobile and PC and with the incase in connected televisions, use that to expand the red button service.

Have you tried the red button service? for more on the BBC’s plans for Red.